Grazi & Matty Cofounders

Hailing from the mountains of Taiwan, Grazi & Matty immigrated to the US in 2006 with the dream of opening their own A & W franchise. Seeing a better opportunity in iPhone apps, they started Soup Dog Software instead.

When not managing product at SDS, they enjoy scoffing at hipsters in Dolores Park and eating chicken.

Phil Zigoris Senior Lead Developer

Phil fancies himself a computer scientist. He now works at Facebook and is privy to all your secrets.

Rachel Smith Designer

Rachel is responsible for converting Grazi's barks and growls into pixels. So far, so good. Check out her website for some of her other work.

Here at Soup Dog Software we make precision entertainment software for the casual gamer.

Soup Dog Software is based in San Francisco and we are always looking for new, exciting projects. If you'd like to discuss yours, drop us an email.