Enjoy the ancient game of Go ... on your iPhone! Play against a friend or the computer. Perfect for people just learning to play or more experienced players who want to hone their game.


  • includes tutorial on how to play Go
  • play against the computer with 10 different skill levels
  • save & resume games
  • configurable board size, komi, & handicap
  • uses GnuGo, an open source game engine. Source code is available.


9 Jan, 2009

Submitted bug fix for 19x19 game (version 1.11)

29 Dec, 2008

Version 1.1 is now available in the app store.

22 Dec, 2008

How about the new site? Thanks, Carlos.

19 Dec, 2008

I've submitted an update which should resolve the crashing issues. UI improvements include:

  • Fixed a number of issues causing the program to crash
  • Added a tutorial for players new to the game
  • Configurable cursor options (offset & crosshairs)
  • Saves default game preferences
  • Reordering allowed in game manager

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